Healthy Aging

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Healthy Aging

Healthy aging has several key components: Good physical health; possession of basic resources, good social network; sense of purpose; and engaging in activities such as volunteering, working, and hobbies or interests.

Make a list called 100 Things I Want To Do (before I die…). The list helps to uncover past dreams, wishes and activities or interests they haven't pursued in a while. What if age weren’t a factor? What if you weren’t afraid of seeming foolish? What if you had the resources and energy to make your dreams come true? Movies need older extras. Skydiving can be done at any age with good health. Why not get a college degree now? Forget about what is “expected” of older people, and follow your heart’s desire.

I have always loved painting, I took 3 years of art throughout high school, then life happened, got married soon had children and my love for painting sort of disappeared, until now....I paint for a hubby and I love it!! what did you enjoy doing when you were younger? I would love to know.